Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Words, they mean nothing

The BBC World News Editor made a pretty poor attempt today to explain its editorial policy with regard to not referring to the situation in Iraq as "civil war". Read it here. My comment is no. 7.

I hadn't realised that I could link to my blog when I posted but will make sure I do so in future. Especially since someone (no. 31) actually bigged me up in his comments. I could have had a reader!

I did something this week that I've never done before - send a letter of complaint. Actually, that's not strictly true. I sent one about 9 years ago to the organisers of the club I went to on NYE complaining that I don't appreciate having to wait 4 hours to get my coat after having danced 'til sunrise. That illustrates just how pissed off I need to be to actually make a fuss. I am English, after all.

The letter I sent this week is reproduced below:

Dear First Direct,

I’ve received the enclosed useless correspondence from your company intended to persuade me to open an account.

Perhaps someone thought I’d be impressed with the promise of free wine to further dull my brain and make me more amenable to advertiser’s suggestions. Or maybe that I’d so like the no-nonsense image of First Direct, (What I really need is a bank that doesn’t use some goggle-eyed singing idiot called Howard to sell me its wares. This one has no fancy gimmicks! Or even pictures! I’m in!), that I’d sign up without hesitation. Wrong.

My bank is a disgusting organisation that has repeatedly squeezed me for every little bit they can and would probably lend me money using my liver as guarantor, but I’d sooner stay with them than transfer to an organisation that sends as much junk as I’ve received from you.

Has the sun of the 21st century not yet risen at First Direct? The planet is in a bit of trouble. Natural resources are being used far more quickly than they are being replaced. The amount of paper that I’ve received from First Direct on the off chance that I might open an account is unacceptable, and I dread to think how many thousands of other people have also received this worthless rubbish.

I’d be interested to hear just how First Direct justifies this waste. Otherwise, please make sure no-one from your organisation ever sends me mail again.

Thank You,

As I say, I don't like to make a fuss but there was a lot of literature in that envelope! Venting my spleen in that way made me feel good and I might do it more often. The question is: Am I turning into an old git?

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Hello Sunshine...

...Come into my life

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

The great philosopher Ferris Bueller said that and I try to heed his wise words as I go about my day. The problem is that, while I'm pretty good at stopping to look around, I'm not very good at remembering what I've seen. So I'm going to record things here.

Since my life isn't nearly interesting enough to document on a more than very occasional basis I'll be relying on what happens in other people's lives to keep this blog going. I'm sure I can always turn to the newspapers for inspiration if necessary. If only the newspapers themselves could feel inspiration and take a break from trying to scare the shit out of me.

I might mention books and music that I've enjoyed too. I have Super Furry Animals playing on my ancient stereo as I type with the promise of Arcade Fire to follow, and I'll be reading James Ellroy a bit later. Happy days!