Thursday, 15 March 2007

The World's Most Prolific Terrorist

On the left is a picture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Here is a page featuring a list of things that he is said to have confessed to. I wonder what percentage of the world's terrorist attacks he has masterminded or taken part in. (When I say "terrorist attacks I mean those carried out by Muslims against the west. From what I can make out these are the only ones that seem to matter these days.) I would guess that Mr Mohammed had a hand in just about all of them and that includes those that didn't even take place which is most of the events on the list. Am I alone in being mightily impressed by the man's stamina? How the hell did he manage all of this?

The news that these confessions came not in a court of law but during his incarceration Guantanamo Bay are worrying. Or they may have came during his 3 1/2 years in a secret CIA-run prison. Of course there will be allegations of torture and these allegations will probably not be proved but will just hang around in the air like a nasty smell. But what if torture was proved? What if Mr Mohammed was found to have confessed to the murder of Daniel Pearl after having been alone in a dark room for two months whilst having Scissor Sisters played non-stop at full volume? What would happen is that all of his other confessions would then carry no weight and he would have to be set free to carry on whatever it was that he was doing in the nineties. Which is plotting to kill lots of infidels.

Is it possible that he's confessed to all these things to make his prosecutors look stupid? It reminds of of those episodes in detective shows where a father confesses to something but is then found to have been somewhere else at the time of the crime and it transpires that he was covering up for his errant son. The prosecution's case is always pulled apart very easily in this situation. What if Mr Mohammed's passport shows that he was in another country at the time of Daniel Pearl's murder, for example? It's possible, that's all I'm saying. And all it takes is for just one of these apparent confessions to be proved to have been obtained under torture for the entire case to fall apart.

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