Wednesday, 8 August 2007

There Goes the Fear

I'm struggling to find things to write here at the moment. I hope that I'm just experiencing what our national daily newspapers are going through at the moment - hence this bunch of crap from last week's The Sun. And this.

Here's a brief run through the past couple of weeks: I've moved out of my flat and am staying at my parent's place for a few weeks until I find something else. I went to the Innocent Village Fete on saturday which was excellent, if only because it was the first day this summer that I'd enjoyed proper summer weather. I saw The Simpsons Movie. It's as good as your favourite episode of The Simpsons with its length multiplied by three times. It's brilliant. And football season starts this weekend so all is right with the world again.

I don't really have any inspiration to write much more than this. Or rather, I do but I'm concerned about the reaction of those who might read it. This blog features my photo and my name and is linked to from my Facebook account. I need to start another blog and write it anonymously so I can write whatever I like without fear of upsetting anyone. Oh yes...

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