Thursday, 11 January 2007


The past couple of weeks have, for me, been notable mainly for my complete laziness. Not just my normal everyday slovenliness but my unwillingness to do anything more than sit and read once I finish work. Just typing this makes me feel as though I've turned into some sort of human dynamo, such is my normal level of inaction.

But I did something a couple of days ago - I went to a preview screening of Nick Broomfield's new film, Ghosts, followed by a Q&A with Nick himself. It was a very good film and an excellent evening all round not least because it wasn't the kind of film that I'd normally go to the cinema to see. I generally go to the cinema twice a year, in fact. Nick's a very amiable chap, just like his screen self really, and his words really increased my appreciation of the film.

I think the main reason that I enjoyed myself so much is that it actually felt as though I was indulging in an intellectual pursuit. I was surrounded by people who hadn't gone to the cinema to just passively observe, they actually wanted to learn and enrich their lives. I haven't had that feeling for a decade now. And they didn't speak wanky film language either. When the questions started I was expecting people to come out with words such as metatextual and symbiotic and auteur but they didn't, although one chap prefixed his question with "The film affected me very deeply on many different levels". That's ok though as he was just speaking the truth in the plainest possible English. And even if he wasn't, so what?

Of course, I now find mainstream cinema beneath me. How could I not after visiting the Curzon Renoir? I will never step foot in a multiplex again, especially not an out-of-town one. I will never again view a hollywood blockbuster or anything with a wide general release unless some incredible set of circumstances leads Polish arthouse to popularity. I will grow a goatee and maybe start wearing a beret and find that the main reason that I dislike a particular film, song etc is that it is too populist.

I've had enough of this blog, it's too populist.

Another thing that I've done, just an hour ago actually, is go jogging. Not far, only about a mile, but that's not the point. The point is that today I made myself available for football on saturday and I haven't done even a tiny amount of exercise since I dislocated my collarbone four months ago. My normal level of fitness is such that it would embarrass an asthmatic aardvark, I dread to think how it's going to be right now. There is also the fear that as soon as any pressure is applied to my shoulder then I'll do myself a mischief again. I don't actually know what further damage I can do since the bone is still protruding from the top of my shoulder but I'm still scared. I need to start playing again though or I'll completely seize up. Oh, I nearly forgot - I don't actually like football. It's too populist.

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