Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Heart Attack Man

Football wasn't fun on saturday, something that's bothering me quite a bit. My shoulder was fine but my legs and lungs let me down badly. Most troubling was the feeling that I really didn't know what I was doing out there. I felt quite lost in an environment that was for many years where I felt most at home. Feeling like an outsider in your own home isn't a pleasant feeling but I'm sure it won't be that way after I've a few games under my belt.

So I now face a scary prospect: getting fit. It will mean some pretty major lifestyle changes. Exercise, for example. Not smoking. And if these two mammoth tasks weren't enough I've decided to reduce the levels of sugar and caffeine in my bloodstream. The amount of beer I drink will, however, remain constant. One step at a time, eh? Coca-Cola is out though.

As of today I take one sugar in my tea instead of two, with the intention of cutting it out altogether as soon as I can tolerate it. Buying decaffeinated tea is the next thing on the list. When I get paid next week I'm going to stock up on nicotine substitutes (patches, gum etc) and try to stop smoking. The exercise will start once I've myself of the pneumonia-like symptoms that will surely follow this massive upheaval. My body will be severely displeased with me for a while but will hopefully soon realise that all this is for its own good.

I normally like to put a few funny bits in my blog entries but, quite frankly, I'm scared right now. My life has for many years been characterised by avoiding those things that might be called a challenge. Anything that requires effort, basically. This is a big thing for me. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed shortly and I can get on with making snidey comments about stuff.

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