Sunday, 22 April 2007

Extremely Dull Post #2

I'm really not comfortable writing about myself but I've decided to try to stop worrying about it. This is a weblog after all; there's no point pretending that this isn't an exercise in narcissism. All is Vanity. So, I'm going to write stuff about myself and try not to be concerned with the fact that someone in Kuala Lumpur might think I'm an idiot. I should be so lucky. That would mean that I have a reader.

My next post will probably be typed in Myrtle Beach. That is where I'll be for 11 days from Thursday. The company will be great and the weather fantastic. I'll muck about on the beach. I'll eat loads of shellfish and take in a baseball match. I'll drink cheap beer and buy cheap clothes and generally have fun with one of my best friends and his family and friends. Then I'll go to New York. I'll buy more cheap clothes and experience some amazing things in a place that has no parallel anywhere in the world. I'll have a great couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to actually having some interesting things to type because I'm really running low on inspiration here. It's entirely my fault that I rarely see anything that I feel like writing about. There's loads out there but I'm just not interested in any of it right now so I'm reduced to writing about, for example, what I did at the weekend. Which brings me back to the opening paragraph.

I shouldn't be afraid of writing about my life and exposing my feelings, but I am. If there aren't things happening in the world that I care to write about then I should write about my world. And so I will right now. Ready? Are you sure? Okay, that's enough procrastinating, here goes. *Deep breath* I met a girl. She's very nice. I like her. And on saturday I had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast in the garden at her house whilst the chickens that laid the eggs wandered about around me in the morning sun. It was a very pleasant experience. Right, that's quite enough exposing of feelings for one post, I'm off.

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