Sunday, 22 March 2009

Still Lazy

My God, I'm a lazy shit!

When I first started this blog there was pretty much nothing going on in my life, yet I still found loads to write about. Now that my life is a little bit interesting I write bugger all. Go figure. Maybe the two are connected. Maybe I'm busy living, hence my reluctance to write about living. Maybe, and this is by far the more likely of these two options, I'm just a lazy shit.

Having a girlfriend who has five kids should give me much to write about. And it does. It's just that I'd rather not write it here. It's personal, y'know? I'm not really comfortable writing about other people anyway. They might not like it. And writing about the kids would just be wrong, I feel. Am I being over-sensitive here? Possibly, but this way I can be sure that I'm not offending anyone. That's important. One of the things that characterises my life is that I don't offend people. I just don't do it. Not people I like, anyway.

Here's a couple of things I can write about:

- I took my girlfriend to meet my parents for the first time. She was apprehensive but really seemed to enjoy herself. My parents are lovely people who will go out of their way to make anyone feel welcome.I'm very lucky to have them.

The visit alone is newsworthy enough since I've not introduced a girlfriend to my parents for over fifteen years, but there's also something else about that weekend. My girlfriend hired an Aston Martin DB9 for me. How about that? James Bond's car, all mine for a whole weekend, a car that cost more than the flat I live in! It was wonderful. I'm not gonna go all Jeremy Clarkson here and start talking in ridiculous metaphors, barely disguising the fact that I actually want to have sex with the car (which I don't). I'm just going to say that it was a fantastic experience, a slice of luxury that I would otherwise never have experienced if my lovely lady hadn't done such a lovely thing for me. The other thing?

- We spent last weekend in Iceland, and what an incredible place that is! God was clearly having fun when he created that place! That's the water spurting from the ground and the pols of hot, milky blue water I'm on about there. Not the stunning landscape, that isn't funny, just astonishingly beautiful. There are a few obvious adjectives that I'll be using here and I'd like to get them out of the way now: desolate, savage, barren, you know what I mean. And the nightlife and people of Reykjavik were great. A lovely, lovely place to which I'd be very happy to return.

You see? I'm a lazy shit. I've driven 350 miles in a DB9 and been to Iceland and can barely be bothered to write about it. This is gold, gold I tells ya! It's inspirational stuff yet I'm inspired only to take pictures and talk to my friends about it, not write. Except I am writing about it, aren't I? Ooh, I'm full of contradictions, me. That's something else I could write about. At a later date though. I've done quite enough for one day.

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