Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Criminally Vulgar

Sometimes it feels as if the online world is full of people communicating with eachother and I'm the only exception. I've always been shy and rather-backwards-in-coming-forwards but the web must be full of people far more socially inadequate than me who are chatting away without a care in the world. Why is this?

I've just got myself a myspace. I've enjoyed customising it with backgrounds and music. I've enjoyed the banter I've had with my friends. The thing is, these friends are real life friends, not myspace friends. I only signed up to myspace because I felt left out. Now I don't feel left out, that's good. However, I have absolutely no desire to interact online with anyone I don't already know. Conversely, I have friend envy. It feels as though there are parties going on everywhere to which I'm not invited, that everyone on myspace has more friends than me. But if I don't want to interact with people I don't already know then why would I care? Is this one of those paradoxes of modern life? Like, or example, the more comfortable our lives the more insecure we feel?

There are more avenues to communication open to us than ever before. Could it be that the easier it is to communicate, the more inadequate we feel when we don't communicate? Or is it just me being neurotic? I fear it is. Whatever it is I don't care because I get paid tomorrow and that's a massive relief. No man of my age with the lack of responsibilities that I enjoy should spend saturday night at home watching TV because he has little money. But that's what I did. I went out on Sunday and made up for it but that's not the point, that was a gig planned weeks in advance. It was Howling Bells and they were very good. In fact the entire day was excellent, Kerri and I thoroughly enjoyed having a good drink up and enjoying some quality music. Next week is Brett Anderson and then the Arcade Fire. On both of these nights I'll be having a great time with people I love. And that's the kind of interaction that really matters.

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